PRESTON, Conn. – On the beach, in front of a rock, in Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia, a mystery man — with unknown origin — was discovered. He was later named “Jerome” because of the strange sound he managed to utter that sounded somewhat like “Jerum.” He had no legs and his stumps were bandaged. The man survived through the help of several families, who took care of him over the years. He later died on April 12, 1912.

Inspired by a true story about this legless, mute man found in 1863, as well as by his two cardigan corgis, Peter Leibert develops his first history-based children’s picture book, “Jerome” (published by Xlibris).

“Jerome” revolves around the friendship built between a lost man and two dogs. In this tale, two corgis, Copper and Andy, are the ones who discover Jerome on the beach. They nurture and take care of the man, eventually revealing his fictional identity.